Daily Prayers & Mantras

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and represents the silence as we open our mouth, right before we make a sound.
Speaking in Aleph: Speaking silently with our heart; our lips are moving without emitting a sound. We must also always remain happy, ecstatic, and full of joy!

The Signs of the Cross

  • In the name of the Father (third eye / Ajna),
    and of the Son (solar plexus / Manipura chakra),
    and of the Holy (left shoulder),
    Spirit (right shoulder),
  • May GOD bless our Lives (third eye / Ajna),
    and Souls (solar plexus / Manipura chakra),
    with Light (left shoulder),
    and Love (right shoulder),

An Enlightening Mantra

I am filled with light and love, and I am one with the universe.

A Mantra for Mother Earth and Humanity

There is nothing but love across all the realms of Mother Earth, and love is the seed of God which brings forth life across the universe.

A Prayer for Attaining Righteousness

I do not fear anyone, or anything,
As the only fear I have, is the fear of GOD.

I follow the ten commandments,
As they are not burdensome,
And I give alms,
As I give what I have to those who have a greater need for it.

I seek wisdom,
As wisdom you are my sister,
And I seek insight,
As insight you are my intimate friend.

I release all physical obsessions and temptations,
And I do not love pleasure,
As I do not seek to suffer want.


Prayer for the Almighty—the “Lord of Hosts”

Bless you GOD, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth,
And blessed be your glorious name: “I AM, THAT I AM,”
Bless you, Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour,
Thank you for watching over [SPOUSE’S NAME], [CHILDREN NAMES], and I,
And for helping us remain on the righteous path.
Bless you Saint-Joseph,
Thank you for helping us overcome all evil obsessions and temptations.
Bless you Saint-Michael,
Thank you for protecting us and helping us overcome all evil and negativity.
Bless you Saint-Uriel,
Thank you for your divine light and love.
Bless you Saint-Gabriel,
Thank you for guiding us towards higher states of consciousness.
Bless you Saint-Raphael,
Thank you for dissipating our fears, healing our wounds, and restoring our divine health and strength.
And bless you, Mother Mary,
Thank you for your love and patience.

My Beautiful Life Prayer

I have a beautiful life,
And I have a beautiful family.
We live long, healthy, and happy lives together,
Filled with an abundance of wealth & prosperity, success, and all good things.
I am loving,
I am caring,
I am affectionate,
I am faithful,
I am righteous,
I am patient,
I am strong,
I am healthy,
I am happy,
And I am balanced.
I am a person of dignity and worth,
Mentally in control of my emotions,
And I am destined for greatness.
I am Light,
And I am Love.

A Prayer for Overcoming Fear

GOD gives me life,
And with this life GOD gives me strength.
GOD gives me light,
And GOD gives me love.
This life is mine,
And mine it shall remain,
As I stand strong,
And I shall not fear.

A Prayer for Health and Safety

Angels, guardian angels, archangels, and guides,
Thank you for watching over my beautiful [WIFE/HUSBAND/PARTNER] [NAME],
Our beautiful children [NAMES], and I,
And also for watching over our families and friends.
Please keep us healthy, safe, and out of harm’s way.

A Prayer for a Loved One

GOD bless my [RELATIONSHIP] [NAME] with great courage, great confidence,
And great physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
GOD be with [HIM/HER], and help [HIM/HER] overcome all fears,
And any obstacles [HE/SHE] might be faced with in the course of [HIS/HER] life.

A Prayer for Your Child—Life’s Precious Miracle

GOD bless our child [NAME],
And thank you for bringing [HIM/HER] into our lives.
[HE/SHE] is our blessing, our miracle, and our bundle of joy.
GOD, we cherish our child.
[HE/SHE] is incredible,
[HE/SHE] is wonderful,
[HE/SHE] is beautiful,
[HE/SHE] is loving,
[HE/SHE] is caring,
[HE/SHE] is affectionate,
[HE/SHE] is strong,
[HE/SHE] is smart,
[HE/SHE] is wise,
[HE/SHE] is ambitious,
[HE/SHE] is determined,
[HE/SHE] is exciting,
[HE/SHE] is adventurous,
[HE/SHE] is curious,
[HE/SHE] is eager to learn,
[HE/SHE] is full of Light,
[HE/SHE] is full of Love,
And GOD, [HE/SHE] is righteous.
GOD we will teach our child everything we know,
And we will give [HIM/HER] the tools,
So that [HE/SHE] can learn everything that we are unable to teach [HIM/HER].
GOD bless our child with great courage, great confidence,
And great physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
GOD be with [HIM/HER], and help [HIM/HER] overcome all fears,
And any obstacles [HE/SHE] might be faced with in the course of [HIS/HER] life.
GOD, we promise to love our child with all our love,
To raise [HIM/HER] on the right path with the fear of GOD,
To always discipline [HIM/HER],
And to always maintain patience with [HIM/HER].

A Prayer for Help Against Sinning (SIRACH 23:4-6)

“O Lord, Father and GOD of my life,
Do not give me haughty eyes,
And remove evil desire from me.
Let neither gluttony nor lust overcome me,
And do not give me over to shameless passion.”