Founder David Lacopo

All That We Are, Is a Channel of Love.

David Lacopo woke with an angel by his side after experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul in his early childhood, and as the angel lowered a sphere of divine light upon his head, his mind filled with divine knowledge. These angelic experiences have continued regularly throughout his life and have guided him on a journey to help others reach higher states of consciousness.

I understand demons and evil entities; I understand how they can torment us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; I understand how they can seize our state of consciousness and drag us into the bottomless pit of darkness; and I understand how we can break these negative attachments by raising our vibration.

I believe that the shadow of the cross, the upside down cross, is the darkness that hungers for our sins; Jesus, is the divine light of enlightenment; God, is the eternal divine energy that holds life across the universe; The seed of God, is divine love; Religion, is a spell which stops us from seeking further and reaching enlightenment; Enlightenment, is becoming one with our higher self and everything in the universe; Life, is an experience to further our growth; and Death, is waking from the experience of life.

Spiritual Journey

1988 (9 y.o.): The Dark Night of the Soul

I had a very dark experience in my early childhood; the thought of nothing existing after we have completed our physical life on earth. I cried every night for an entire week, and every time I closed my eyes, as my mind would be overwhelmed with the traumatic concept of “nothingness.” I can still clearly recall the sight of complete darkness all around me and the terrifying echoed thought of: “For ever, and ever, and ever, forever, nothingness.”

The Dark Night of the Soul is an experience most of us will have to face at least once in our lifetime, and some might even experience it several times. Each experience can last as briefly as a couple of days, to several weeks, months, or even years. The Dark Night of the Soul strips us of all light and spiritual understanding, and leaves us in darkness, alone, to face our fears and our inner demons. God evokes this powerful experience within, and though it is extremely terrifying and traumatizing, its true purpose serves as a cleanse for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies; God purifies us so that we may rise to a higher state of consciousness.

“The darkness and the other evils of which the soul is conscious when this divine light strikes it are not darkness or evils caused by this light, but pertain to the soul itself, and the light illumines it so that it may see them.”

-St. John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul.

I woke with an angel by my side after experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, and as the angel lowered a sphere of divine light upon my head, my mind filled with divine knowledge. These angelic experiences have continued regularly throughout my life—except during a fifteen-year dark chapter—and the divine knowledge received has now become the foundation of my spiritual understanding: the collective consciousness, the ego, the soul, the universe, life and death, light and darkness, and God.

1997 (18 y.o.): First Guided Meditation Session

As I woke on a hot summer day, I was guided by an angel to remain lying on my back, relaxed, and focused on my breathing. My body then became as light as a feather as bubbles of divine light seemed to form all around me; it felt like I had started to levitate.

1997 (18 y.o.): A Dark Path

As I walked home one night, I started sensing something eerie, I slowed my pace and then came to a stop as fear overwhelmed me; there he stood, waiting for me, a dark shadow. At that very moment, I sensed all the light in my life fade away, and a very dark chapter began. The following fifteen years of my life were spent in darkness; they were filled with fears, disturbing thoughts, depression, anxiety, horrific visions, and countless hauntings, but I now understand that this dark chapter was inevitable as my spiritual growth required all the experiences that took place.

2005 (26 y.o.): Musical Milestone

On December 15, 2005, my band One Away and I performed as the opening act for Bon Jovi in our hometown Montreal; I had reached my very first musical milestone and my dream of being a rock star truly seemed to be manifesting.

2008 (29 y.o.): The Crossroad

I reached a crossroad in 2008 as my bandmates and I were in a studio completing the recording of our first full-length album. The dark shadow appeared before me as I woke one morning, and materialized in physical form—he was tall, muscular, wearing what seemed like a black cape, his skin was silky black, his eyes were black with hues of red, he had black horns with tiny red veins, and his aura was simply terrifying. He took me on a “ride.”

I was sitting in a rollercoaster cart and as I looked below, I saw what seemed like my future: fame, fortune, women, pleasure; I was living my dream! I was overwhelmed with excitement, but as the ride came to an end and I turned to look behind me, I was traumatized to see my family and my wife’s family sitting behind me in terror; I was ashamed. He then made me sit and watch them burn, and as they vanished in smoke, he waited for an answer, for me to make a choice—I will never forget getting off that cart and running as far away as I could.

In the following weeks, I started receiving several divine callings urging me to return on the spiritual path that was laid before me as a child; I knew the time had come to quit the band.

2009 (30 y.o.): Bible Study

I had to find the light once more but I didn’t know where to start; my wife bought me a Bible and I spent the next following years studying it.

2010 (31 y.o.): An Oath of Righteousness

I made an oath with God to live in righteousness with the Fear of God; I had shaven my head, given up on alcohol, and would spend my mornings giving alms to the homeless as I would drive to work.

“For almsgiving delivers from death and keeps you from going into the darkness.”

-Tobit 4.10, NRSV.

2011 (32 y.o.): The Seal of Temptation Which Fills Me With Light & Love, Joy, and Happiness

An angel of God appeared before me in the Scotland Highlands as I woke on an early morning on June 17, 2011 (Culnacnoc, Isle of Skye, Scotland). I could not get a glimpse of his face as he stood before me, several feet taller and as bright as the sun. I noticed an open bleeding wound running diagonally down his left pectoral—a great contrast between his bright pink wound and his bright-shinning figure. He placed his thumb and index finger over his wound and gently sealed the wound as he moved down his pectoral. He whispered: “The Seal of Temptation.”

After several meditation and contemplation sessions, I was finally able to catch a glimpse of the angel’s face; I was staring at myself, but I was not in my current physical appearance, it was the perfected version of me, I was staring at my divine soul.

“When an individual completely enters the mystery of prophecy, he suddenly sees his own image standing before him. He becomes totally unaware of his own essence, as if it were concealed from him. Then he sees his own image standing before him, speaking to him and telling him of the future. It is regarding this mystery that our sages say, ‘Great is the power of the prophets, since they liken a form to its Creator.’”

-Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, The Rose of Mysteries.

2012 (33 y.o.): Return of the Light

“The Seal of Temptation” and the valuable lessons learnt from the Bible empowered me to face and overcome my fears, my inner demons, and the dark shadow.

2012 (33 y.o.): Honeylion – The Story of Samson

As simple words, carefully crafted together, create great emotional repercussions, I believe musical notes, carefully crafted into melodies and rhythms, have the same emotional impact. I have composed 12 instrumental songs, each depicting segments of Samson’s life. Just as a reader reads a poem with their own voice, musicians can perform these poetic songs with their own sound.

Listen to the songs / download tablatures »

2013 (34 y.o.): Emotional Breakdown

I have never spoken about my spiritual journey to anyone; suppressing these experiences led to an emotional breakdown; this breakdown also led me to break my Oath of Righteousness as I had lost my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

2014 (35 y.o.): Breaking My Silence

I started speaking about my spiritual journey to my wife.

2014 (35 y.o.): The Other Side

I had been off from work for a month and was slowly recovering from my emotional breakdown; I was still struggling with dizziness, nausea, chills, and slight panic attacks. I had thought a warm bath with Epson salt, lavender oil, and baking soda would have helped me cope with the symptoms, but as soon as I laid back in the water, I slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep—I slipped a little too far on the other side.

I opened my eyes and saw myself below; I was lying in the bath resting peacefully under the water. Several angels were surrounding me, and I started sensing their disappointment—I am not sure if they were disappointed because I had failed them, or because they had failed me. I blacked out. When I regained my consciousness and opened my eyes, I was back in the bathtub, under the water. I still sensed their presence around me, within me, and within my first breath as I gasped for air; they had brought me back to life as I had not completed my purpose.

2014 (35 y.o.): My First Tarot Deck

Frustration started setting in as all my spiritual experiences have always occurred randomly; I could have never requested a certain experience or communication to occur. I then received an unexpected gift in the mail after winning an online contest from a website that I had purchased crystals from; I had received my very first Tarot deck: The Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. At first, I had no interest in Tarot, but as the weeks passed, the angel revealed how Tarot was sent to me as a tool to communicate with the spiritual realm, at will!

2015 (36 y.o.): A New Light

A powerful experience occurred on June 8, 2015; I received a great amount of divine energy from Heaven above as I ended my prayer, it travelled from the top of my head to the base of my spine—from my crown chakra to my root chakra. As the days passed, I then realized that this experience would occur every time I would ask a question, and the answer would be “yes.” This incredible experience continues to this day.

A bright star appeared above me on June 9, 2015. A star which forever remains in Heaven above, is my personal source of divine light and love that I can call upon at any moment to cleanse or recharge a crystal, dissipate negativity, perform a healing, or complete any other task that requires divine light and love.

2017 (38 y.o.): Breaking the Misconceptions of Tarot

I received guidance from the angel to not only start speaking out about my spiritual journey, but also host a festival to help break the misconceptions of Tarot and promote it as a tool for personal development, spiritual growth, and enlightenment—which I manifested in September 2018 and September 2019: The Light and Love Tarot Reading Festival with with guests of honor Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack.

2018 (39 y.o.): Spiritual Closet

I finally stepped out of the “Spiritual Closet” and started speaking out publicly about my spiritual journey; it had been a great secret which I had kept from almost everyone.

2018 (39 y.o.): The Kabbalah (the Tree of Life)

After spending over a year getting lost in patterns, numbers, and trying to figure out the missing link of Papus’ Septenary concept, I experienced the destructive divine energy of the sixteenth Major Arcana Tarot card: XVI The Tower; the angel requested that I discard everything I had worked on, and explained that if I were to successfully map out human relationships, I would have had to put Papus’ Septenary concept aside as it was given to him for his own personal growth and understanding. I was then shown the map that lies hidden within all human relationships: The Kabbalah (The Tree of Life).

2019 (40 y.o.): Channeling My Higher Self

While channeling my higher self on November 28, 2019, I experienced the realm of the sixth dimension; the realm where everything is connected, and everything is divine light and love. I was then shown the oath that I had taken prior to incarnating on the physical realm, an oath which binds me to God, to help all rise to higher states of consciousness.

2020 (41 y.o.): Achquelin

On January 21, 2020, I had an incredibly deep and enlightening experience that left me contemplating for hours as I attempted to understand the information and abstract concepts received.

I had found myself in the void of space, surrounded once more with darkness and emptiness—it was another experience of the Dark Night of the Soul, but this time I remained beyond the concepts of pain and fear, and light and darkness. A mighty angel then appeared before me in a divine golden armour of light; the armour was vibrating with electric white and blue light, and the angel’s face and long hair were glowing in a blinding blaze of white flames. The angel was holding the entire universe within a sphere of divine light and love, and then willfully chose to enter and experience his creation.

Achquelin, who has been my personal guide and spiritual mentor since birth, is no other than my higher self, my divine soul. I finally understood that everything I experienced, both positive and negative, was an intensive course to personally experience and understand the full spectrum of the human states of consciousness and the reality beyond our physical-material realm; there are no good or bad experiences, just learning experiences. I now hold the knowledge and the personal experiences to guide others towards higher states of consciousness.

2020 (41 y.o.): Mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ

I woke on February 8, 2020, at 2:30am with Mother Mary sitting by my side holding my hand; we were waiting for Our Lord Jesus Christ to arrive, and as he arrived, he looked at me and with three simple words, gave me all the clarity and guidance I required to complete my journey.

2020 (41 y.o.): Published My Book

Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth – A Deeper Understanding of Tarot Through the Kabbalah
Tarot is greatly misunderstood and mostly associated with divination, but its true purpose moves far beyond the realm of fortune telling; it is a powerful tool for self-development and spiritual growth. Tarot is also the only sacred text that remains unaltered, and the only sacred text that has been personally written for us, as its content lies hidden in our higher consciousness, with our higher self.

This book holds a collection of personal experiences, divine knowledge received from my personal guide and spiritual mentor, and spiritual growth exercises that will set you on your path to fulfill your soul’s growth. It also includes enlightening exercises such as working with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to manifest positive changes within, mapping the Tarot cards across the Kabbalah to gain a deeper understanding of the Court cards, and working with Tarot and the Kabbalah to understand and improve human relationships.

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2021 (42 y.o.): A New Light

The bright star that appeared above me on June 9, 2015, has now manifested within me on July 5, 2021.

2022 (43 y.o.): Channeling Thoth

On November 28, 2022, I channeled Thoth and received knowledge on overcoming every aspect of darkness on the physical-material realm.

Dark entities are often attached to people and feed off of their energy as they torment them emotionally and mentally. In extreme cases, when the vibration of the body has dropped to the lower realms, an entity can actually take possession of the physical body; if we focus on healing the physical body and restoring a high vibrational state, the body will no longer be in a state of comfort for the entity, and it can then easily be cast out.

2023 (44 y.o.): Mother Mary

On November 3, 2023, I woke up with Mother Mary sitting by my side, but unlike my previous experience in February 2020, she wasn’t holding my hand, and we weren’t waiting for Jesus to arrive; she was sitting next to me, crying, and her tears were dropping into a cup she was holding, and she then drank her tears.

  • The day energy was “XII The Hanged Man” (3+11+2023=2037, 2+3+7=12) and my Yearly Lesson was also “XII The Hanged Man“. Mother Mary first appeared to me with Our Lord Jesus Christ in 2020, 3 years prior (Yearly Lesson was 12, 1+2=3).

On December 22, 2023, I had a vision; I saw a hill before me with the shadow of the cross casting upon it, the upside down cross, but the cross at the top of the hill was no more…

2023 (44 y.o.): A Message From Achquelin

I received the “Seal of Temptation” on June 17, 2011. The day energy was “IX The Hermit” (17+06+2011=2034, 2+3+4=9), and my Yearly Lesson in 2011 was also “IX The Hermit“. 12 years later, on November 12, 2023, during the day energy of “XII The Hanged Man” (12+11+2023=2046, 2+4+6=12) and also during my Yearly Lesson of “XII The Hanged Man“, Achquelin appeared once more with the following message:

“What seems for thee out of reach or a heinous task, I can easily accomplish, ask and I shall assist.”

2024 (45 y.o.): Spiritus Gladius – Sword of the Spirit

My Yearly Lesson for 2023 was “XII The Hanged Man – Enlightenment, Realization, Nullification of the Ego”; it was one of my most difficult years as I kept finding myself, week after week, lost in the bottomless pit of darkness and I had to keep fighting my ego to raise myself out of darkness’ pit.

My Yearly Lesson for 2024 is “XIII Death – Growth, Purification, Transformation.”

On February 11, 2024, I found myself one last time lost in the bottomless pit of darkness as I came across and grabbed a brilliant sword which dissipated all the darkness around it.

On March 10, 2024, I received the guidance to reread all my 2023 notes in my journal as I had finally completed my 2023 Yearly Lesson. I discovered the following guidance received throughout the year:

  • January 3, 2023: “Explore the subconscious to find Excalibur, but darkness will distract you by tempting the Ego. Remove all distractions.”
  • January 4, 2023: “Wield the sword of Truth and Justice and banish darkness. Recover the sword of Excalibur in the lower states of consciousness.”
  • August 19, 2023: “Overcome the beast that lives inside the darkness.” I then asked: “Who is this beast?” and received the following response: “Part self, part reality, part projected fears.”

Excalibur (King Arthur), the Lightsaber (Jedi Master), and the Power Sword (He-Man), are all of the same origin; the Sword of the Spirit (Enlightened Master).

Once we reach enlightenment—the union with our higher self—we can retrieve the Sword of the Spirit from the lower states of consciousness. It then manifests in our consciousness and may never be lost or revoked. The Sword of the Spirit grants spiritual powers across the spiritual realms; we may look through the eyes of the Sword of the Spirit to see clearly what is of light and what is of darkness, and we may guide the Sword of the Spirit with the mind’s eye—through visualization—to conquer darkness.

Not many bear the Sword of the Spirit, but many are needed.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness. As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. With all of these, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

-Ephesians 6.10-17