Meditation Program for Elementary Schools

A daily meditation practice will help reduce stress and anxiety, calm the nervous system, relax the mind, and increase self-confidence and attention span; it will bring peace and calmness to a classroom.

During a meditation workshop with first-grade students, while we were silently contemplating on the fourteenth Major Arcana Tarot card: XIV Temperance, a student exclaimed:

“I see something on her forehead, it looks like an eye, the eye is opening, I can see the future!”

Elementary school students are extremely intuitive and will often share a spontaneous spiritual experience. It is important to never disrupt a student expressing an experience that might seem highly creative and imaginative during or following a meditation exercise, but rather respond positively and then have the student document their experience in their journal (drawing a picture or writing a paragraph).

Following each meditation exercise, students must have the opportunity to share their experience with the classroom and then document it in their journal (every journal entry should be dated):

  • Students in grades one to three should draw a picture of their experience in their journal.
  • Students in grades four to six should write a paragraph in their journal (a drawing is optional).

Meditation Exercises

  • Page 2: Sound Healing – Tibetan Singing Bowl.
  • Page 3: “OM” Mantra.
  • Page 4: Breathwork.
  • Page 5: Crystals & Gemstones Energies.
  • Page 6: Golden Light Visualization.
  • Page 7: Contemplation.
  • Page 8: Creative Imagination.

Program Requirements