“OM” Mantra

Reciting the mantra “OM”:

  • “O” is an external sound that we make with our mouths; the initial sound (1/4-1/8 length).
  • “M” is an internal humming sound that we resonate in our nasal cavity (3/4-7/8 length).
  • Students must be able to distinguish both sounds.

Meditation exercise:

  • Ask the students to remain seated at their desk, close their eyes, take three deep breaths, and then hold the Jnana Mudra as it has an uplifting effect on the mind and body (joining the tips of their thumbs and index fingers, forming a circle, with the back of their hands resting on the top of their knees/thighs and their palms facing up).

Part 1 (1 to 2 minutes):

  • Recite the mantra “OM” with the students as you slowly walk around the classroom.

Part 2 (same length as Part 1):

  • Remain in complete silence.
  • Guide the students to not focus on anything, simply remain consciously within their body.

Part 3:

  • Ask the students to bring their focus to the top of their head and mentally scan down their body until they reach the tips of their toes. They can then stretch out their arms and legs, move their fingers and toes, and when they are ready, open their eyes.

Sharing their experience:

  • Did you feel the sound vibrating on your body? Where?
  • How did the sound make you feel?
  • What thoughts came to mind during the mantra “OM”?
  • What thoughts came to mind during the silent part?