Crystals & Gemstones Energies

The palm chakras:

  • The palm chakras are circular vortexes of energy and are located at the centre of our palms. Our left palm chakra, having the receptive, calming, and passive qualities of the Divine Feminine, allows energy to flow into our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), whereas our right palm chakra, having the projective, stimulating, and outgoing qualities of the Divine Masculine, allows energy to flow out of our four bodies—when two opposite palm chakras are close to each other, the energy is attracted and amplified, but when two like palm chakras are close to each other, the energy is repelled.
  • We can greatly amplify the energy received from a crystal/gemstone during a meditation practice or the energy released from our four bodies during a healing session. We may also learn how to guide and direct divine energy to complete specific tasks as cleansing and recharging a crystal or a gemstone.

Activating the palm chakras:

  • Ask the students to remain seated at their desk, close their eyes, and take three deep breaths.
  • Then guide the students to quickly rub their palms together until they start to feel heat building up between their palms. If they do not feel any heat, they can simply increase the pressure by pressing their palms closer together as they rub.
  • They can then quickly open and close their hands eight to ten times—tapping their fingertips to the centre of their palms.
  • The students can then open their hands with their palms facing up and visualize a small divine white light moving in a clockwise circle on their palms. They can then also visualize a bright white light shining at the center of their palms.
  • Finally, the students can face their palms together, one inch apart, and slowly move them front and back in a rotating movement—never joining their palms together—until they start to feel a sphere of divine energy throbbing between their palms.
  • Their palm chakras have now been activated.

Meditation exercise (2 to 4 minutes):

  • Ask the students to hold a crystal/gemstone and sit quietly as they focus on its energy—they may hold it with their left hand to embody its energy or hold it with their right hand to release excess energy from their four bodies.
  • The students may also experiment holding several crystals/gemstones with either one or both hands.
  • The students should receive at least 2 tumbled crystals/gemstones.

Sharing their experience:

  • Did you feel the energy?
  • Was it vibrating in your palm? Moving across your body?
  • Did it feel hot or cold? Dry or wet?

Cleansing and recharging:

  • Crystals/gemstones should bathe regularly in direct sunlight to cleanse and recharge.
  • The following crystals will fade in direct sunlight: Amethyst, Citrine, and Celestite—they can be cleansed and recharged under the full moon’s light, smudged with white sage, buried under the ground, immersed in salt, bathed in a sound bath, or by visualizing them bathing in divine white light.
  • The following crystal will dissolve in water: Selenite.