Using the Kabbalah to Understand and Improve Our Relationships

CAD $20.00 45 minutes


The Ten Sephiroth and the Twenty-Two Paths of the Kabbalah
Each Sephirah has a shadow and a light which casts the shadow, and each Path is linked with two Sephiroth, the light of the higher Sephirah and the shadow of the lower Sephirah. Once we have identified the Divine energy associated with our Life Purpose, we can then identify our Path and determine if we hold the light of the higher Sephirah, the shadow of the lower Sephirah, or both, by the colour of our eyes. It is also extremely important to understand that there is no such thing as a good Path, a bad Path, a good Sephirah, or a bad Sephirah, as they are all unique aspects of the Divine; holding the shadow of a lower Sephirah is just as Divine as holding the light of a higher Sephirah.

Personal experiences with the Paths and the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah can occur daily through our relationships, but we must remain conscious of the Divine energies associated with their Life Purpose, their Assisting Energy, their Zodiac Energy, and their Yearly Lesson to correctly associate the personal experience with a Divine energy. We must also remain conscious of the Sephirah/Sephiroth they hold.

During this workshop, we will also learn a meditation exercise that will allow us to embody a deeper personal experience with the Path and Sephirah/Sephiroth they hold, but it must be practiced with someone we love and trust (a spouse, a partner, a close friend, a sibling, etc.) as we will be making ourselves vulnerable by removing our false mask, revealing our true self, and allowing the other person to look deep within our Divine soul; we will be revealing our greatest ambitions and desires and our deepest fears and insecurities.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Completing the following private session/workshop: Understanding Our Spiritual Journey.