LEVEL 2: The In-Hold-Out-Hold Exercise

The In-Hold-Out-Hold exercise is extremely powerful as it balances the relationship between our ego and our higher self. It is like the previous exercise, but we are now holding our breath after we inhale, and after we exhale. As in the previous exercise, it is extremely important that our breathing follows a steady rhythm and tempo; we should always maintain an equal count as we inhale, as we exhale, and as we hold both breaths.

Complete the following ten-minute meditation exercise:

  • Inhale from your nose as you mentally count to four.
  • Hold your breath as you mentally count to four.
  • Exhale from your nose as you mentally count to four.
  • Hold your breath once more as you mentally count to four.
  • Repeat the cycle until you reach the ten-minute objective.

Tips for This Exercise and Following Exercises:

  • Holding our breath after we inhale should be an easy task as we are fulfilling our ego with abundance but holding our breath after we exhale might be a struggle as we are stripping ourselves of our ego—and the ego will resist—and realigning our state of consciousness with our higher self.
  • As our heart rate begins to slow down, we may also increase the count to six, eight, ten, or more, but the objective should never be to reach the highest count possible; our objective should simply be to maintain a comfortable and steady rhythm and tempo throughout the meditation exercise. If we do increase the count, we must do so as we inhale and then maintain that same count for all other steps (inhale, hold, exhale, hold).
  • If we find ourselves gasping for air or tensing up, we must reduce the count for each step in the exercise as a meditation exercise should always be peaceful and relaxing.

Once you become comfortable completing this ten-minute exercise, you can proceed with the next level (3).