LEVEL 3: Divine Light

We may now bring healing to our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) by visualizing Divine Light as we complete the In-Hold-Out-Hold Exercise.

The human body is made up of a physical part and three energetic parts: emotional, mental, and spiritual. The physical body can be seen and touched and is directly affected, positively or negatively, by the foods we eat, by our thoughts, and by our feelings. The emotional body is a field of energy that surrounds our physical body and holds our feelings and our relationships with everyone and everything. The mental body is a field of energy that surrounds our physical and emotional bodies and holds the left and right brain functions. Finally, the spiritual body is a field of energy that surrounds our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. It is the doorway to reaching higher states of consciousness and reaching enlightenment, but it may only be activated once our lower three bodies have reached a state of balance and harmony.

Complete the following ten-minute meditation exercise:

  • Inhale from your nose as you mentally count to four (or more) and visualize Divine Light entering your body (you may also increase the count during this step).
  • Hold your breath (same count as previous step) and visualize Divine Light quickly moving within your body as it heals and reenergizes your four bodies.
  • Exhale from your nose (same count as previous step) and visualize Divine Light carrying out all impurities from your four bodies.
  • Hold your breath once more (same count as previous step) and visualize yourself in a state of purity.
  • Repeat the cycle until you reach the ten-minute objective.

Immediately follow the exercise by remaining peacefully within for another ten minutes:

  • You can now resume your normal breathing.
  • You are no longer counting.
  • You are no longer visualizing Divine Light.

Tips for This Exercise and Following Exercises:

  • End with the total awareness of your physical body; bring your consciousness to the top of your head and slowly scan down your body until you reach the tip of your toes. You can then stretch out your arms and legs, move your fingers and toes, and when you are ready, you may open your eyes.
  • If you struggle with visualization, simply believing in what should be taking place will be just as effective, and with time, you will surely develop and improve your visualization skills.
  • As you remain peacefully within, you are aware of your physical body, but you must remain quiet, without any movement, thought, or emotion; it’s not about shutting everything out, but about paying attention to what surfaces and then releasing it peacefully. Whenever you realize that your mind has drifted, simply bring your focus back within, but if a disturbing or negative thought appears, you should visualize a Divine hand manifesting above your head, grabbing your thought, slowly lowering it to your Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra, and then dissipating it in a divine white light.

Once you become comfortable completing this ten-minute exercise, you can proceed with the next level (4a).