LEVEL 4c: The Seven Chakras – Between Palms

Complete the following meditation exercise for seven days (one chakra per day):

  • Sit up straight and close your eyes.
  • Activate your Palm Chakras (https://youtu.be/So62UAgiJKg), maintain your hands six inches apart, and then visualize and feel the chakra in its three-dimensional shape and color between your palms for 10 minutes.
  • Gently move the chakra to its location within your body, rest your arms as you hold the Jnana mudra, and keep visualizing the chakra in its three-dimensional shape and color within your body as you chant the Bija Mantra for another 10 minutes.
    • Muladhara Bija Mantra: LAM.
    • Svadhisthana Bija Mantra: VAM.
    • Manipura Bija Mantra: RAM.
    • Anahata Bija Mantra: YAM.
    • Vishuddha Bija Mantra: HAM.
    • Ajna Bija Mantra: OM.
    • Sahasrara Bija Mantra: Silent OM (speak in Alef).
  • Remain peacefully within for another 10 minutes (only complete this step on the last 2 days, when visualizing Ajna and Sahasrara).

Tips for This Exercise:

  • Jnana mudra: Joining the tips of our thumbs and index fingers, forming a circle, with the back of our hands resting on the top of our knees and our palms facing up. In Sanskrit, the word “Jnana” means knowledge and the word “mudra” means hand gesture.
  • As you visualize the chakra between your palms, if you start the sense energy building up, allow the chakra to expand as you slowly move your palms further apart, but not too much that the energy becomes overwhelming.
  • As you visualize the chakra within, trust your intuition on its size as it should remain comfortably within you; you might have to reduce its size as you move it to its location if it expanded during the first step.
  • You can break your focus to write down your thoughts whenever you receive a download.

Once you become comfortable completing this seven-day exercise, you can proceed with the next level (5).