Raising Our State of Consciousness

I struggled with depression and anxiety for many years in my 20s, but once I understood that my state of consciousness had dropped into the bottomless pit of darkness (triggered by an external experience), I realized that there must have been a way to raise it once more…

Twenty-Two Aspects

There are twenty-two aspects that form each state of consciousness; there’s twenty-one divine energies and then there’s our higher self. Each of these twenty-two aspects are associated with a Major Arcana Tarot card, a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and a Path of the Kabbalah (The Tree of Life).

22 Days of Contemplation

Contemplation is a meditation technique that keeps us conscious and grounded on the physical realm, and reveals wisdom and understanding that is aligned with our current state of consciousness by engaging our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and our physical and spiritual senses.

To raise our state of consciousness, we must embody a personal experience with each of the twenty-two aspects; these personal experiences can be manifested by contemplating on the twenty-two Major Arcana Tarot cards.

Tarot is the only sacred text that remains unaltered, and the only sacred text that has been written personally for us, as its content lies hidden in our higher consciousness, with our higher self. Tarot reveals DIVINE KNOWLEDGE; wisdom and understanding that is aligned with the current state of consciousness of the reader.

It is best to complete the following contemplation exercise first thing in the morning, for a minimum of ten minutes, and limit ourselves to one Major Arcana Tarot card per day. We can then reread our notes at the end of the day to gain further wisdom and understanding. We can start with the Major Arcana Tarot card “0 The Fool” and end with the Major Arcana Tarot card “XXI The World.”

Concentrate on a Major Arcana Tarot card and contemplate on the symbols, the colours, the landscape, and the characters; question everything about the image as you allow yourself to enter the world within it to explore: Who is the main character? What is the main character thinking / doing? Who are the other characters? Feel free to question anything else that might come to mind. It is a silent and mental process, but we must also remain open to receive and write down any thought, emotion, sensation, or anything else that might rise.

You must then remain conscious of your morning contemplation session throughout your day, and at the end of the day, write down any event or experience that reflected your contemplation session. If no event or experience manifested itself throughout your day, simply repeat the Major Arcana Tarot card at the end of the twenty-two days. You should also document your dreams or any lingering thought as you wake up in the morning; we only have 10 to 15 seconds to write down our thoughts as soon as we wake up before our mind interferes and imposes rationality and logic. Once you have completed the twenty-two days of contemplation, simply take the time to re-read your notes, allowing each experience to resurface in your consciousness.

A Personal Spiritual Journey Within

You can reference the following interpretations of the twenty-two aspects based on my personal experiences and on guidance received from my higher self, but keep in mind that nothing is permanent, nothing holds a single universal meaning, and that we may all hold a different state of consciousness; therefore, contemplation is extremely important to gain wisdom and understanding that is aligned with your current state of consciousness and to manifest the personal experiences that are required for your spiritual growth. I recommend using these interpretations as a starting point, but you must then embark on a personal spiritual journey within.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards: Involution and Evolution

DAY 1: 0 The Fool

The Divine Soul

Alef is the silence as we open our mouth, right before we make a sound, as 0 The Fool is the divine soul present before, during, and after every life experienced on the physical realm; Alef is within every word we speak as 0 The Fool is the divine soul within all Major Arcana Tarot cards.

The descent of the divine soul on the physical realm (involution) and its return to Heaven (evolution) after successfully fulfilling its purpose; crossing the gates of Heaven and returning home once we have completed our journey on the physical realm.

Living without fear, even when facing physical death, as we shall no longer be deceived once we have reached enlightenment.

Knowing that everything always falls into place, perfectly as it should.

Our state of consciousness reuniting with our higher self in the infinite mind of God.

In perfect alignment with mother earth and our higher self; no longer concerned with social conditions or taking part in the “rat race.”

Major Arcana Tarot Cards: The Superconscious

DAY 2: I The Magician

Divine Creative Energy, the Divine Physical Vehicle

Higher souls may not intervene directly on the physical realm as they vibrate at much higher frequencies. Therefore, they share their divine knowledge by planting seeds in the collective consciousness. As we reach enlightenment, we may then discover these seeds and manifest them on the physical realm.

Maintaining the natural balance of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and remaining grounded in the present reality as we can only fulfill our soul’s growth by being firmly grounded on the physical-material realm.

Receiving divine creative energy and manifesting our true desires on the physical realm—we should never hold on to the divine creative energy received as it will burn out our four bodies, and we should never conspire to use it for dark purposes as we will be consumed by darkness.

Raising our state of consciousness to work beyond the fabric of space and time.

Through divine intervention and the elements of nature may we craft life’s remedies.

Magick: The art of manifesting a positive change within that is harmonized with our will and our higher self.

DAY 3: II The High Priestess

Divination, Intuition, Divine Knowledge

Solely with the bow and arrows of wisdom (Chokhmah) and understanding (Binah) shall we be fulfilled with divine knowledge (Da’ath) and freed from the web of illusion; the “veil” which conceals an endless ocean of hidden knowledge and mysteries, the illusion of physical life, the divine connectedness, and the Holy Ark which seals the scrolls of the Torah.

The key which opens the door to enlightenment.

An unquenchable thirst and hunger for divine knowledge; the desire to reach a higher state of consciousness and connect with God.

The spectrum of light webs the fabric of our physical-material reality.

The balance of light and darkness hidden within the scroll of knowledge; sacred teachings that guides one towards enlightenment.

Divination: Bending the principles of time and space—past, present, and future—to see beyond the web of illusion.

Intuition: Raising our state of consciousness and receiving divine knowledge to see beyond the web of illusion.

DAY 4: III The Empress

Divine Love, Manifestation, Nurturance

A mother giving birth to her child, protecting her child, and nurturing her child with divine love.

Selflessness and the forgiveness of self and others.

The divine light and love which carries through the universe, beyond the physical realm, and the divine beauty which effortlessly manifests peace and harmony.

That which must be nurtured to maintain life on the physical-material realm.

Life thrives naturally, our motherly instinctive nature to procreate, but death and destruction come from an evil desire that stems in lower states of consciousness; the darkness that plagues humanity.

DAY 5: IV The Emperor

The Faithful Servant of God, Divine Downloads, Righteousness

The strength and confidence of a true leader comes from inner peace, faithfully serving God as we take the yolk of the Kingdom of Heaven upon ourselves, and carrying forward the essence of XVII The Star – The Servant’s Faith in God, Eternal Life, Almsgiving.

Maintaining peaceful thoughts, emotions, and actions, and a balanced relationship with our ego and our higher self.

Faithfulness and the reward for being faithful; divine downloads bringing forth the wisdom and understanding that is required to master any art or skill and overcome any challenge or obstacle.

Mastering life not by attempting to control others or circumstances, but by fulfilling our soul’s growth, and then helping others fulfill their soul’s growth.

The righteous king, appointed by God, guiding humanity towards higher states of consciousness, without any greed or hunger for materialistic gains or pleasures.

The control and balance embodied after having reached enlightenment.

Righteousness: The never-ending desire of refining oneself to be closer to God.

DAY 6: V The Hierophant

The Prophet of God, Divine Connectedness, Divine Guidance

The Torah which connects God with humanity; the bridge between the physical realm and the spiritual realm, light and darkness, and the past, present, and future.

An honest and humble guide who reveals the divine truth, a truth which is forever altered by the ego and the perception of the seeker.

The guidance and the answers we seek when we find ourselves at a crossroad, or facing a challenge or an obstacle.

Receiving the key that unlocks the path that fulfills our soul’s growth—divine knowledge is not gained through speech or books, but through a personal spiritual journey within.

Guiding others on their spiritual journey.

The great tree of knowledge; the silent whisper in our ear.

DAY 7: VI The Lovers

Free Will, Opportunities, Relationships

Pleasure, friendships, our reasons and desires, our promises and commitments.

Young and innocent love—love shall forever spark anew if nourished, but we shall fall into darkness if left unnourished.

Realizing that we are still in the progress of fulfilling our soul’s growth and understanding that there must always be a time to work and a time to rest, a time to be receptive, calming, and passive, and a time to be projective, stimulating, and outgoing.

The synchronistic union of all polar opposites.

We should never act impulsively when facing a new opportunity as there is always a second opportunity available that remains hidden; its polar opposite.

Darkness may overshadow the sun and lead us astray, but the guidance of our higher self will forever bring clarity of vision.

The Cloud of Confusion: We must seek the hidden opportunity as one may not be fully comprehended without the other; the righteous path will contribute to our soul’s growth, but the sinner’s path will lead us towards the deceptions of XV The Devil. We must also search deep within ourselves to discover our inner motives before making a choice.

DAY 8: VII The Chariot

Accomplishment, Confidence, Endurance

Like a bull raging through his darkest fears, like a shield absorbing the strongest blows, reaching our full potential after enduring and overcoming the painful trials of life.

Releasing all distractions and influences, maintaining a strong grasp on our boundaries, our core values, and our beliefs, and focusing entirely on fulfilling our soul’s growth; the determination to succeed and overcome anything that may stand in our way.

Completing our physical trials and commencing our spiritual journey.

Our higher self forever remains by our side as we undergo the painful trials of life on the physical-material realm.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards: The Conscious

DAY 9: VIII Strength

Divine Strength, A Higher State of Consciousness

The divine hidden within each and everyone of us; discovering the presence of God hidden in everything around us and everywhere on the physical realm.

The greatest respect for life, our human body, humanity, and all living creatures.

The awakening and the rise of the Kundalini energy; the divine creative energy that is coiled at the base of our spine, the Root chakra.

Our divine soul guiding our physical body, our divine physical vehicle, and our current state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness; our true strength lies in our capacity to remain aligned with the guidance of our higher self.

Remaining humble and grateful for all the experiences that have contributed to our soul’s growth, including the painful trials of life we have overcome.

Confronting any challenge, obstacle, or fear, with certitude and grace.

Reaching higher states of consciousness to embody the divine; our higher self.

Every life on the physical-material realm holds within itself a unique rendition of reality.

DAY 10: IX The Hermit

Meditation, Contemplation, Divine Wisdom

Yud is the first point when we place our pen on the paper as IX The Hermit is the presence of God within each and everyone of us; Yud is within every letter we write as IX The Hermit is the presence of God within all Major Arcana Tarot cards.

The hand of God that brings forth divine wisdom, and unifies the physical realm and the spiritual realm, light and darkness, and the past, present, and future.

Meditation and contemplation allow us to go deep within ourselves, or any other part of creation, as looking within is like looking down on the creation of God from a divine perspective, free from the web of illusion; a tiny particle of creation also holds within it the entire universe in creation as we live in a finite world created in the infinite mind of God.

Releasing all distractions and influences and seeking within to find the answers that will guide us further along the path that fulfills our soul’s growth—the desire to reunite with our higher self.

Trusting our intuition as it forever reveals the truth, divine wisdom.

Our thoughts and our emotions dictate our reality as our experiences are directly manifested by our current state of consciousness.

Trusting our inner guidance as it blinds our enemies.

The desire to detach ourselves from our ego and the limitations of the physical-material realm; the desire to remain solely with our higher self, which is everything, which is the creator of our reality.

DAY 11: X Wheel of Fortune

Change, Good Fortune, the Karmic Wheel

Luck is a misleading term which stops one from seeking further understanding; things do not simply happen at random and there are no such things as coincidences, if we are well prepared and favour change, we welcome good fortune.

We shall always receive the good and the bad that we do to others, but in no specific order. Therefore, we must learn to gracefully welcome change and accept all experiences as they all contribute to our soul’s growth—lashing out because we have received a negative experience after doing a good deed will destabilize our karmic wheel.

The karmic wheel, guided by the state of consciousness we hold, may manifest a desired change or an unexpected change.

A positive change can easily be manifested if we remain aligned with the guidance of our higher self and disconnected with our ego and the limitations of the physical-material realm.

Four perspectives to identify the righteous path:

  • Which path helps us start something new or end something that no longer serves us?
  • Which path helps improve our strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which path do we consider from a state of confidence?
  • Which path will manifest love within or towards others?

DAY 12: XI Justice

Balance, Discipline, Benefits and Consequences

Justice will guide us towards the enlightenment of XII The Hanged Man if we have balanced our karmic wheel, but will strike us, break us apart, and send us back if we have not; that which must happen and must be accepted to restore the balance of our karmic wheel.

Taking responsibility for our actions; reaping the benefits or facing the consequences of our past actions, or lack of actions.

Making an honest decision and then dealing with the consequences with an open heart.

Doing good deeds, acts of loving kindness, without any expectations.

Balancing and harmonizing all levers of polarity, the levers that unite all polar opposites.

Realizing that our present faith has already been determined by our past thoughts, actions, fears, doubts, hopes, and dreams.

The adjustments required to compensate for all imbalances.

As we go about our daily experiences, we must keep nurturing the “dragon” within, as what matters most is being prepared for the lives beyond this one; we must live in harmony with our higher self so that we may rise higher once this life is complete. Therefore, all our actions must be measured for the growth of our soul and not for any physical-materialistic gains or pleasures. The physical-material realm offers all the opportunities we require for spiritual growth, feed the “dragon” as it shall be your vehicle of light.

The moment we realize that we can no longer move forward unless we deal with everything that we’ve been putting aside; the lessons, the tasks, and the journeys.

DAY 13: XII The Hanged Man

Enlightenment, Realization, Nullification of the Ego

Binding ourselves with God; trusting our intuition, the guidance of our higher self, and remaining true to ourselves.

Restoring the balance and harmony across our four bodies and realizing that we have been wearing a false mask, a mask imposed by the perception of others.

Experiencing a greater personal freedom as we raise our state of consciousness, reach enlightenment, and gain a new perspective on life. Freed from the web of illusion, we may now see the unseen and believe in what once seemed impossible.

A deep sense of humbleness and gratefulness to God as we find our guiding light and recall our divine purpose.

Inducing sensory deprivation to reach enlightenment.

Our journey forever holds a balance of light and darkness, but we must also seek the truth; every experience has a dark perception, the perception of our current state of consciousness, and a divine perception. We must raise our state of consciousness to move as close as possible to the divine perception.

The four doors that lead to enlightenment:

  • A poor man fulfilled in poverty.
  • Releasing all physical obsessions and temptations, all materialistic wants and needs, and returning on the path that fulfills our soul’s growth.
  • The Holy Ark which seals the scrolls of the Torah.
  • Righteousness and the fear of God.

DAY 14: XIII Death

Growth, Purification, Transformation

Hay is the natural sound of breathing out as XIII Death is the natural flow of life as we walk on the path that fulfills our soul’s growth. Hay is within every word we speak as XIII Death is the progression of our soul’s growth within all Major Arcana Tarot cards.

Releasing all that no longer serves us, shedding all that has kept us from our true self, as we move further along the path that fulfills our soul’s growth.

Life is a cycle of birth and death, reincarnation and resurrection, involution and evolution.

Endings simply mark the beginning of a new journey, they are doorways, gateways, and portals.

Our higher self forever remains connected with all past, present, and future lives, but death keeps our current state of consciousness aligned with our present life.

Only the divine truth may prevail and contribute to our soul’s growth; anything that sparks a negative response must be terminated, endings must take place.

DAY 15: XIV Temperance

Health and Balance, Love and Support, Patience

God’s love and support for all who have fallen to the deceptions of XV The Devil; God’s mighty hand and outstretched arm will forever return us on the path that fulfills our soul’s growth.

Remaining mindful of everything we do and everything we experience.

Keeping a steady rhythm in life, doing things with our full and undivided attention, and taking our time to learn, grow, and heal from past physical and spiritual experiences; bringing ourselves back together again after we have been broken by the painful trials of life.

Healing occurs once we have reached a state of love, trust and harmony with ourselves and everyone around us; anything can be accomplished once we have reached a state of divine light and love.

A shelter to renew the purpose of our being and restore our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and balance.

Each life experienced on the physical realm is granted a single cup of divine water, a single cup from the eternal ocean of light. Therefore, we must not consume our life recklessly.

The patience to skillfully craft an elixir for any circumstance.

We may truly enjoy this physical-material experience of life once we merge our consciousness with our higher self and accept, understand, and overcome darkness; experience everything with an open heart.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards: The Subconscious

DAY 16: XV The Devil

Deceptions, Obsessions and Temptations, Inner Demons

Only by raising our state of consciousness may we see past the deceptions of XV The Devil and remove the shackles that enslave us, the passionate but unfulfilling hungers that reside deep within.

Falling victim to the products of our inner demons: fears, doubts, lack of confidence and self worth, hate, anger, depression, materialistic wants and needs, sexual desires, and disturbing thoughts.

Indulging in physical obsessions and temptations, denying the path that fulfills our soul’s growth, arrogance, the evil tongue, guilty pleasures, perversion, wickedness, and attempting to reach higher states of consciousness without love.

The illusion of duality and the concealment of oneness; the unification of all polar opposites.

God remains present also in darkness as God is a part of everything that happens on the physical realm.

Our misconception of God; you may only grasp the true concept of God once you have reached enlightenment.

The devil comes in a beautiful guise, guiding us towards physical-material gains and pleasures, and then towards overindulgence, which will then stray us further away from our spiritual growth; we must balance our desires with our spiritual goals, but we must first realize what our goals truly are.

DAY 17: XVI The Tower

The Sparks of Holiness, Chaos and Destruction, the Inevitable Outcome

The lightning bolt of God’s wrath is released, bringing a dramatic end to our current reality if we have failed to heed the calling of XIII Death; if we have failed to shed all that has kept us from our true self and have failed to raise our state of consciousness to see past the deceptions of XV The Devil. We must accept this inevitable outcome, which is forced upon and supervised by God, as an opportunity to start over on the righteous path.

The mouth of God speaking the world into creation; words are extremely powerful as they conceal countless layers, contradictions, and meanings, and can create the future or destroy the past—we must measure our words as with the power of speech we can save a life or end a lifelong relationship.

The world will cleanse and start anew; we must let go of all physical-material pleasures as we rise to a divine world.

Realizing our spiritual goal through the destruction of our false reality, we may now start over without any distractions; we are the seed on the physical-material realm which must return to the divine.

The Sparks of Holiness (the twenty-two golden Yuds):

  • The Sparks of Holiness are released on the physical realm to guide us on the path that fulfills our soul’s growth.

DAY 18: XVII The Star

The Servant’s Faith in God, Eternal Life, Almsgiving

Our faith in God; a father making room for his children to experience, learn, heal, and grow.

Learning of the fallen Sparks of Holiness.

Selfless acts of giving.

The infinite collective consciousness and the eternal ocean of light and love shall forever provide divine knowledge and eternal life.

Realizing that we hold the potential to be all that we can be as we are forever guided by our higher self.

Following the peaceful and comforting guidance of hope, faith, and love.

Love conquers all, but a balance of light and darkness shall forever remain on the physical realm.

Our higher self manifests all the life experiences we require to grow further; there are no obstacles that we can’t overcome.

Always remain optimistic and in a positive state of mind, and do everything with passion and commitment; do not be overwhelmed with fear as your path has been paved by your higher self, who forever remains by your side, guiding and supporting you.

DAY 19: XVIII The Moon

The Subconscious Mind, Fear, Mysteries of the Unknown

Exploring the subconscious mind, a world of symbolism and inner meanings.

Embracing darkness, the disconnection from God’s divine light and love, to face our fears and our inner demons, and recover the fallen sparks of Holiness.

A sense of feeling out of place, alone, and lost in our thoughts.

Preparing for our new journey on the physical-material realm.

We must journey into the unknown, leaving our past behind and releasing all fears. Only then can we embrace our inner potential and fulfill our purpose.

A journey deep within our consciousness to discover our divine seal; the seal which will cast out our inner demons.

Do not worry or linger over the experiences that could/could have gone wrong.

The principle of time manifested on the physical realm: We should never worship the moon as she is solely the receptive principle of time.

Struggling with the limitations of the physical realm:

  • Remaining fulfilled with divine love.
  • The work and dedication required to learn something new.
  • Misinterpretations and the complexity of language.
  • The illusion of time and its inefficiency when travelling across distances.

DAY 20: XIX The Sun

The Art of Clarification, Joy and Freedom, a Brighter Future

Finding the fallen Sparks of Holiness and returning on the path that fulfills our soul’s growth.

Discovering the true meaning of life and realizing that love is the only path that leads to joy and freedom.

We have experienced, we have learnt, we have healed, and we have grown; we may now release our past and welcome a brighter future with open arms.

The generous deed of a higher soul descending on the physical realm to help others reach higher states of consciousness and fulfill their soul’s growth.

Removing the shackles of lies and dishonesty; no longer pretending, we remove our false mask and admit to the truth.

Beginning our new journey on the physical-material realm.

Learn to let go of the past as a child quickly forgives and forgets; just like a mother oversees her child having fun in a safe setting, your higher self oversees all your experiences.

The principle of time manifested on the physical realm: We should never worship the sun as he is solely the projective principle of time.

DAY 21: XX Judgement

The Great Awakening, the Final Call

Shin is the fire, the power and the electromagnetic force within nature, and Alef is the air that feeds the fire; 0 The Fool is the divine soul within all Major Arcana Tarot cards and XX Judgement is the desire of the divine soul to fulfill its growth so that it may then travel across the universe and experience the infinite mind of God.

Reviewing our journey on the physical-material realm with our higher self.

Pay attention to everything that is happening around you, to synchronicities, to what might seem like a coincidence; we are forever receiving guidance from our higher self.

Our lessons sometimes feel mundane, redundant, unfulfilling, but they are required for our growth, and collectively, we further humanity; we each have a unique purpose in this life, we must find our calling and embody it completely.

The Final Call: The physical and spiritual experiences remaining to fulfill our soul’s growth.

DAY 22: XXI The World

Fulfilling Our Soul’s Growth

Maintaining a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

The dance of life and death; the reunion of our physical body with Mother Earth and our state of consciousness with our higher self.

Standing before the gates of Heaven, free from the web of illusion, the principles of time and space, and the limitations of the physical realm.

We receive the Rod and Staff of Creation once we have fulfilled our soul’s growth, we may then manifest our own life experiences to further the growth of our divine soul.

Travelling across the universe to experience the infinite mind of God after completing our journey on the physical-material realm.

The journey is complete, what we desired to transmute has been transmuted; the philosopher’s stone remains hidden with our higher self and the divine golden light is revealed once we reach enlightenment.