Sexual Magick

Magick: The art of manifesting a positive change within that is harmonized with our will and our higher self.

Sexual Energy: Divine creative energy used to alter our reality and manifest our desires; the major arcana Tarot card “I The Magician” teaches us that we should not hold on to divine creative energy for too long as it will burn out our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—when we receive divine creative energy, we must release it in a creative way by manifesting something positive and with love on the physical-material realm.

Sexual Magick: Capturing divine creative energy and storing it out of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies for future use.

Hebrew Letters: There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet that we can work with to accomplish a specific purpose, and each letter is associated with a major arcana Tarot card—based on my experiences and on the guidance I received for my own personal growth, I do not follow the traditional associations of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with the major arcana Tarot cards.


Complete the following three-step exercise with someone you love and trust:

To manifest and embody health and balance, love and support, and patience, we will work with the fifteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet “Samech” and the fourteenth major arcana Tarot card “XIV Temperance.”

  • As you start to orgasm* and start feeling the energy rising from your root chakra, quickly visualize the shape of the Hebrew letter through your third eye.
  • As the energy quickly rises and bursts out of your crown chakra, visualize the Hebrew letter being filled with a bright white light—you are guiding the energy to release through your third eye and into the Hebrew letter instead of releasing it into the universe through your crown chakra.
  • Once your orgasm subsides, visualize the Hebrew letter shinning as bright as a star and move it in your crown chakra—you have now sealed divine creative energy in the Hebrew letter and stored it in your crown chakra, away from your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

*Sharing an orgasm with your partner will amplify this exercise.


  • Whenever you desire to access the divine creative energy, simply visualize the Hebrew letter shining as bright as a star in your crown chakra and you will instantly feel the energy pouring down into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—you can also guide the energy out of your right palm to heal others. You can keep repeating this step as many times as you desire until the energy is depleted and you must then perform the sexual magick exercise once more.

Your journey is forever personal and unique, and there is no greater guide than your higher self; always trust your intuition and do everything you do with unconditional love.