“One human being who reaches enlightenment, can potentially change the world forever.”

-Guru Bhaneshwaranand


Our journey to fulfill our soul’s growth begins once we take our first step on our Divine path; it is a personal journey within and one that must be taken alone, but its rewards are boundless! The Golden Light Academy is here to help you find your Divine path and guide you along the way.

Founder David Lacopo

David Lacopo

Founder, The Golden Light Academy
He woke with an angel by his side after experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul in his early childhood, and as the angel lowered a sphere of Divine light upon his head, his mind filled with Divine knowledge. These angelic experiences have continued regularly throughout his life and have guided him on a spiritual journey to guide others towards higher states of consciousness.

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3 Minutes of Wisdom

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Everything in life is temporary, life itself is temporary. Therefore, make sure all your choices are aligned with your higher self, the only thing that is infinite.

The Illusion of Time on the Physical-Material Realm:

There’s a place we can reach where time stands still, and although it seems an eternity passes by, only a fraction of a second is spent on the physical-material realm. Once we reach the higher realms, all that is aligned with the growth of our soul is revealed through symbolic visuals and bits of knowledge dropped into our consciousness. We can also relive an entire past lifetime in a single night to bring about a state of consciousness that we need to embody.

What is intuition?

A drop of water, a drop of knowledge from our higher self guiding us on our journey. It is an experience that is always loving and peaceful, never evoking fear or panic, and it emphasizes or calls our attention to something in particular around us, something we need to be conscious of. If we trust it, we open the channel to our higher self and welcome a flow of Divine guidance, but if we doubt it or hesitate, we are closing the channel. If we keep this channel open, it will guide us to a refreshing spiritual awakening.

Overcoming darkness:

We should only seek guidance within, from our higher self, and we should never make a decision based on fear. If we raise our state of consciousness and if we raise our vibration we will move past the grasp of darkness and see beyond the deceptive illusions of fear; we shall no longer be tormented by darkness.

The Center of the Universe

Wherever thy is, thy is at the center of the universe; thy is the center of the universe. Thy reality holds a unique perspective tailored for thy growth. The vastness of nothingness holds within it the seed of all; I am here as I am there.

Light and Love: “Light” as the divine light of enlightenment and “Love” as the seed of God which brings forth life across the universe.

Golden Light Visualization:

Please share with anyone struggling with mental health as this 5-minute guided meditation will help dissipate stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, fears, disturbing thoughts, and any external influence.

If you find yourself struggling with visualization, do not be discouraged, simply believing in what should be taking place is just as effective—be patient, with practice you will develop and improve your visualization skills.

Golden Light Visualization (for children):

Through fear, darkness plants a seed in our collective consciousness so that WE may manifest a future it desires; we must render darkness powerless by overcoming all fears and maintaining a positive outlook on the future, filled with Light & Love.

“David is a thoughtful, caring and giving human being and friend. He is a service to others, a service to the greater good. A gentle soul who will help you in more ways then you expect. First hand experience seeing his soothing touch help those in need. You will not be disappointed. A real treasure. You are better to have met and felt his presence. Cheers!”

-Sam Vincenti

“A friend of mine referred me to The Golden Light Academy and I’m so glad she did. I was often hesitant when it came to spirituality that didn’t resemble what I was taught in my Christian faith, but I wanted to find a way to better connect with and to be more in tune with my Self. I needed guidance in this world full of noise to help me quiet the mind and meditate – what we know has so many health and wellness benefits, but for a newbie like me, a daunting task. David answered the call. I am so grateful for his calm, reassuring and professional light, guidance and teaching. We had a one-on-one session, I read his book in 2 nights, and followed the first level meditation workshop. In this process, I quickly felt more connected to me and aware than I have ever been. I highly recommend his book and his offerings to anyone who is interested in understanding a higher level of awareness and the practice of meditation, contemplation and breathwork. Thank you, David, for sharing your gift.”

-Stephanie Jama

“Have had really positive experiences during meditation sessions with David. Specifically the breathing techniques and visualization techniques I learned from him have really helped me in fine tuning my meditation practices. I highly recommend his courses and if you want a deeper dive his book is also excellent.”

-Jake Dickson

There is much more to life than we are led to believe, everlasting life; therefore, remain conscious of your Divine soul and enjoy this journey—lead a righteous life, seek wisdom and understanding, and strive for enlightenment, but do not stray away from the physical and spiritual experiences required to fulfill your soul’s growth.