A Deeper Understanding of the Tarot Court Cards

The 10 Sephiroth and the 22 Paths of the Kabbalah

We can gain a deeper understanding of the Tarot Court cards by understanding how the Tarot cards are mapped across the Kabbalah.

SephirahMinor Arcana
(Pentacles, Cups, Swords, Wands)
2Kings and Twos
3Queens and Threes
6Knights and Sixes
10Pages and Tens
PathMajor Arcana
1I The Magician
2II The High Priestess
3III The Empress
4IV The Emperor
5V The Hierophant
6VI The Lovers
7VII The Chariot
8VIII Strength
9IX The Hermit
10X Wheel of Fortune
11XI Justice
12XII The Hanged Man
13XIII Death
14XIV Temperance
15XV The Devil
16XVI The Tower
17XVII The Star
18XVIII The Moon
19XIX The Sun
20XX Judgement
21XXI The World
220 The Fool

Life is about experiences; experiencing the physical-material realm through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The Twenty-Two Aspects

There are twenty-two aspects that form each state of consciousness; there’s twenty-one divine energies and then there’s our higher self. Each of these twenty-two aspects are associated with a Major Arcana Tarot card, a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and a Path of the Kabbalah (The Tree of Life).

The Four Suits

  • Pentacles: The Element of Earth – The Physical Body (physical health and strength).
    • Work, basic needs for survival, and remaining anchored and grounded on the physical-material realm.
  • Swords: The Element of Air – The Mental body (mental health and strength).
    • Intellect, thoughts, willpower, confidence, and independence.
  • Cups: The Element of Water – The Emotional Body (emotional health and strength).
    • Emotions, relationships, creativity, sensual pleasure, and sexuality.
  • Wands: The Element of Fire – The Spiritual body (spiritual health and strength).
    • Love, compassion, passion, and forgiveness.

The Four Court Cards

Our Roles and Personalities.

  • Pages: The Element of Earth – The Physical Body.
    • Students of their element (innocence, immaturity, excitement, and optimism).
  • Knights: The Element of Air – The Mental body.
    • Adventurers in their element (maturity, determination, active, and compulsive).
  • Queens: The Element of Water – The Emotional Body.
    • Channellers of their element (help, guidance, and support).
  • Kings: The Element of Fire – The Spiritual body.
    • Masters of their element (balance, control, and power).

The Four Aces

Kether, The Crown – The Divine Source of All Reality.

  • The Ace of Pentacles: The Divine Kingdom – The Source of Our Physical Energy.
  • The Ace of Swords: The Sword of Knowledge – The Source of Our Mental Energy.
  • The Ace of Cups: The Cup of Understanding – The Source of Our Emotional Energy.
  • The Ace of Wands: The Staff of Wisdom – The Source of Our Spiritual Energy.

The Numbered Cards (2-10)

Our Experiences on the Physical-Material Realm.

  • Twos: Chokhmah, Wisdom – Gaining wisdom through the Divine source of all reality.
  • Threes: Binah, Understanding – Understanding the principles of creation and destruction.
  • Fours: Chesed, Mercy – The world of empathy, receptive intelligence, and spiritual virtues.
  • Fives: Geburah, Strength – The world of power, courage, and cutting away all that keeps us from our spiritual growth.
  • Sixes: Tiphareth, Beauty – The world of heart-centred awareness, harmony, and devotion.
  • Sevens: Netzach, Victory – The world of faith, the unseen, and the unknown.
  • Eights: Hod, Glory – The world of new beginnings, truth, and awakening.
  • Nines: Yesod, The Foundation – The world providing a clear vision of the ebb and flow of reality.
  • Tens: Malkuth, The Kingdom – The physical-material world.

The Sixteen Roles and Personalities

There are sixteen Tarot Court cards, they each depict a role and a personality that can be embodied at any given time (by a person or an experience). We can determine the outcome of our interaction with that person/experience by identifying the personality and the aspect of the state of consciousness that is currently embodied and then contemplating on one of the Tarot spreads in the following pages.

  • PAGE 2 – The Kings
  • PAGE 3 – The Queens
  • PAGE 4 – The Knights
  • PAGE 5 – The Pages