Upcoming Events

International Intuitive Awareness Day – 11/11/2021 10:00 AM EDT

Progressive Meditation:
Contemplation – Breathwork – OM Mantra – Visualization

  • Contemplation raises our state of consciousness;
  • Breathwork syncs us with the universe;
  • OM mantra embodies the spiritual;
  • Visualization raises our vibration.

ENGLISH EVENT: More info coming soon!


02/09/2021 – Chakras: influence through the Tree of Life & the Minor Arcana

Mystic Rose Tarot

2021 – Malocchio Moderno

TLN Media Group
A documentary film by Rebellion Films INC.

25/10/2020 – Meditation and Halloween During the Pandemic

Now Trending Show with Orla Johannes and Andrea Elias.

10/09/2020 – Le Tarot au service de la connaissance de soi

Sera Santé Communautaire

08/05/2020 – Covideo-Talk

Doshayoga Community

19/12/2019 – Spirituality and Raising Your Consciousness

Rob Flis Podcast

13/08/2019 – Travel the Tarot via the map of the Kabbalah

22/09/2019 – Storytelling with children: Maintaining and expanding a child’s creative imagination