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10/06/2022- Breakthrough with Rob Flis – Episode 09

David Lacopo is a spiritual teacher, meditation master and shaman. He is also the founder of The Golden Light Academy and author of “Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth.” In this episode we spoke about many of the topics covered in his book, including the many uses of tarot cards for enhancing spiritual growth, some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding tarot, and where to begin with the practice of tarot.

12/05/2022 – The Drive By Podcast – Episode 20

In this Episode, Freeway Frank is joined by Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Master and Shaman, David Lacopo, Founder of the Golden Light Academy. We all have a purpose in life and need to fully understand our spiritual journey. This is achieved by raising our State of Consciousness. David explains how anyone can achieve this but it all begins with YOU!

27/03/2022 – Free Meditation Program for Elementary Schools

Now Trending Show with Orla Johannes and Andrea Elias.

02/09/2021 – Chakras: influence through the Tree of Life & the Minor Arcana

Mystic Rose Tarot

2021 – Malocchio Moderno

TLN Media Group
A documentary film by Rebellion Films INC.

25/10/2020 – Meditation and Halloween During the Pandemic

Now Trending Show with Orla Johannes and Andrea Elias.

10/09/2020 – Le Tarot au service de la connaissance de soi

Sera Santé Communautaire

19/12/2019 – Spirituality and Raising Your Consciousness

Rob Flis Podcast

13/08/2019 – Travel the Tarot via the map of the Kabbalah

22/09/2019 – Storytelling with children: Maintaining and expanding a child’s creative imagination