Raising Our Vibration

We are not a physical body with a soul within; our divine soul forever remains present in heaven above, but what we do hold is a state of consciousness that we can raise to reunite with our higher self—or our divine soul—but our state of consciousness may also drop and fall into an endless pit of darkness.

Picture yourself on a small boat in the middle of the ocean—this is our initial state of consciousness. You don’t know how to swim, you don’t know how to fly, and you are not in control of anything that can happen around you—this is life on the physical-material realm. A large wave now forms, hits the side of your boat, and throws you into the water—this is any unforeseen negative experience that can occur in your life. You now keep sinking to the bottom of the ocean and are left at the mercy of your last breath and the predators that lie beneath the surface. A group of hungry sharks now appear—these are the negative energies that roam the lower states of consciousness; they torment us and feed off our fears and energy. To return to the safety of your boat, you must first learn how to swim—you must simply learn how to raise your state of consciousness, but sometimes, depending on how deep you have fallen, you must raise it several times. Once you have returned on your boat, you are still facing the risk of any other unforeseen circumstances—we remain at the grasp of darkness, but we now have the knowledge to overcome it. Learning how to fly would now completely remove you from harm’s way. Therefore, raising your state of consciousness further and then raising your vibration will allow you to reach enlightenment and remove yourself from harm’s way; you will move past the grasp of darkness and see beyond the deceptive illusions of fear. You will also gain divine knowledge and witness physical life from a divine perspective. This experience completely alters your perception of life as the only thing that will concern you moving forward, is the greater good of all.

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